Easy to use handheld device takes and records temperature readings via an attached probe. A large touch screen, color display indicates temperature, maximum and minimum readings and will produce a graph of the data.

It has two functions ‘Data Logging’ and ‘Spot Measurement’; This is not CFR21 compliant

- In ‘Data Logging’ mode, the unit can be set up and left to take temperature readings at pre-determined intervals for a desired length of time.

Large 2.8" (71 mm) color touch screen display

- In 'Spot Check' mode, the unit can be used in two ways. Predefined Checklist Mode - used as an electronic checklist to do spot temperature checks on a predefined list of items and Spot Measurement - used as a thermometer to capture one-off temperature readings displayed on screen.

This data can then be downloaded to PC via a USB connection and opened with Microsoft Excel® or download the software here. The unit is compatible with any J, K and T type thermocouple probes. 

Note: Probes and Cables must be purchased separately.

Extension Cords Listed Below

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Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
Digital Temperature Monitor with Data Logging
  † Reusable Glass/Plastics
Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
CG-3497-158PowerLine Micro USB (6ft) - Durable Charging CableEACH
Call for
CG-3497-1592-Port 24W USB Wall Charger PowerPort 2 with Power IQEACH
Call for
CG-3499-0310ft Extension Cord, Type "K" (Yellow), Standard to Mini PlugEACH
CG-3499-0110ft Extension Cord, Type "J" (Black), Standard to Mini PlugEACH
CG-3499-0210ft Extension Cord, Type "T" (Blue), Standard to Mini PlugEACH
  † Reusable Glass/Plastics  ✱ Chemistry Equipment and Hardware Product line

Temperature Measurement Range:
Type J: -100 to 1190°C (-148 to 2174°F)
Type K: -100 to 1350°C (-148 to 2462°F)
Type T: -100 to 390°C (-148 to 734°F)
Type N: -100 to 1300°C (-148 to 2372°F)
Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Accuracy: ±(0.2°C + 0.1% rdg)
Thermocouple Connection: Female subminiature thermocouple connector
Temperature Units: °C or °F selectable
Display: Color TFT touch-screen
Operation: All parameters configurable via touch screen display; single front panel on/off push button
Memory: 65536 readings (per recording)
Storage Capacity: 100 files maximum Handheld Data Logger Thermometer with Graphic Display
Logging Interval: 1 second, 10 second, 30 second, 1 minute, 5 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour
High/Low Alarms: User-selectable alarm thresholds
Start Date/Time (Data Logging Mode): Immediate or delayed start
PC Connection: Micro-USB via (included) 0.5 m (1.5') USB cable
Power: Internal rechargeable (via USB connection) lithium polymer battery (included)
Battery Life (On Single Charge): 24 hours typical; 8 hours continuous (depends on recording settings)
USB Supply Voltage: 4.5 Vdc minimum, 5.5 Vdc maximum
Weight: 201 g (7.1 oz)
Dimensions: 107 H x 68 W x 19 mm D (4.21 x 2.67 x 0.75")