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New Lab Startup Program

Launching a new lab can be a time-consuming and formidable challenge. We’re here to help.

Whether it’s a life science or chemistry lab, we have the tools you need to quickly get up and running. Once you register, we’ll send you a checklist of products to ensure you have everything needed to get started.

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We’re also offering an additional discount on your first order once you register and complete a Request for Quote. You’ll continue to get your standard discount as well so you can see how the savings can add up.

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To qualify for our New Lab Startup Program you must be starting a new lab, relocating an existing lab or been awarded a new grant. As a first step, complete the form below to establish your qualifications and to claim your additional discount.

To make your ordering easier, we’ll send you a New Lab Startup Checklist, outlining the products needed to help get your new lab operational. Any questions you have may be directed to your New Lab Startup program manager at [email protected]

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