Glass Manufacturing

Production Facilities

Glass Tooling Department:

In our Tooling Department components are formed from glass tubing and rod which will be used to make complete apparatus. Tooled components are also sold to glassblowers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Lathe Department:

Specialized lathes are used to seal the glass components together to make complete products. These lathes can produce very small to very large apparatus with a high degree of precision.

Lamp working Department:

Lamp work is the term used for the highly skilled trade of glassblowing. In this department, glass components are sealed together by hand. This process requires exceptional talent to create a finished product.

Grinding Department:

In the Grinding Department, our products are precision ground to exacting tolerances. The glass can be ground either internally or externally by machine and by hand to meet specifications.

Graduating and Silk Screening Department:

Products that require calibrations or other markings are tested first in a temperature controlled area, then finished according to specifications.