Premium Automated NMR Tubes...an integral component of your spectrometer™.

The C-UNI-5000 series NMR tubes are specifically made for today’s automated sample changers, where tube dimensional variations are not acceptable and will lead to equipment damage. Our manufacturing process guarantees dimensional uniformity between tubes assuring you increased productivity, reliability, and ruggedness that you can depend on. In today’s fast-paced NMR labs, you need results published quickly. You need to show reproducibility to confirm validity of your data. You can’t afford down-time and loss of sample from tubes falling out of spinners, or tubes breaking because of faulty tube dimensions.

Just compare our tubes to other brands in performance and price, and you will see why Norell is the world-leading NMR tube manufacturer.

• Manufactured for Manual & Automated Sampling Systems

• Increase Productivity with Faster Shim Times

• Precision and Consistent Fit Into Spinner Turbines

• Fire-polished Ends with Large Marking Area

• Uniform Hemispherical Bottoms

• Caps Must Be Purchased Separately

Tubes are manufactured with round bottoms and are available with flat bottoms upon request. We also produce all NMR tubes in any length upon request.

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Tube, NMR, Premium Automated, 4.97 ± 0.060mm OD x 4.20 ± 0.020, 0.023mm Concentricity, ± 0.073mm Camber, 8" Long
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  † Reusable Glass/Plastics