The CellTrol III controller is equal to the CellTrol II but with the addition of 8 mass flow controllers with up to 3 LPM flow rates.
• Allen-Bradley PLC Processor provides a reliable platform for system operation and the high resolution touch screen with stylist maximizes controller interface viewing and navigation.
• System can be configured to operate with any manufacturers’ vessels.
• Integrated gas regulators and gauges on process utilities enables reliable operation when multiple systems are run simultaneously.
• Simple power and communications connections to the CellTrol base unit.
• Controls 22 bio reactor control loops in a dual system architecture including pH, DO, temperature, level, weight, agitation speed, nutrient feed, airflow O2 flow, CO2 flow and N2 flow.
• NIST Traceable capability on all systems components ensures overall confidence in system performance.
• Dual architecture and compact size minimizes bench top real estate and enables increased space for larger vessels and additional support equipment.

Software Features and Benefits:
• User, supervisor and administrator level password protection.
• DO and pH probe calibration at operator interface with slope values for user reference.
• Additional system calibrations can be performed from the HMI minimizing downtime and system access.
• Component totalizers record batch amounts. PID loop tuning enables customization for various reactor sizes and control mechanism configurations.
• Operator configurable alarms based on process value or deviation from setpoint enable remote monitoring of the system.
• Active alarms and alarm history can be viewed from the HMI.
• DO cascade control provides a variety of control options depending on the process application.
• Manual output overrides allow system manipulation for immediate process changes or troubleshooting flexibility.
• Five-user configurable recipes enable multiple phases or cell lines to be run with minimal user manipulation.
• User configurable analog input (4-20mA) allows third party transmitters to be integrated without additional support and trended in the data historian.

Please Note: Bio Reactors Are NOT Included

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CellTrol III, Dual Bio Reactor Control with Mass Flow, 2-pH, 2-DO, 2-Temp, 2-Agit Speed, 2-Weight, 4-Fixed Pump, 2-Vari Pump, 8-Mass Flow (Please Call For Pricing)
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CellTrol III, Dual Bio Reactor Control with Mass Flow, 2-pH, 2-DO, 2-Temp, 2-Agit Speed, 2-Foam, 2-Weight, 4-Fixed Pump, 2-Roro, 6-Mass Flow (Please Call For Pricing)
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Overall: 28” High x 20” Deep x 12” Wide
Main Enclosure: 20” High x 20” Deep x 12” Wide
Mass Flow Controller: 8” High x 18” Deep x 12” Wide
Power Requirements: 115VAC, 15 AMP
User Interface: 8” Touch Screen
Mass Flow Control: Up to 8 each with 30 LPM Flow Rates
Pumps: Up to 4 at a fixed rate (1, 4, 10 or 20RPM) and 2 Variable Speed (1-100 RPM)
Heater Blanket Outlets: 2 each @500 Watts Max
Additional Control Outlets: 2 each at 1 amp