The Welch CRVpro8 Chem is effective for freeze drying or concentration of samples using a lyophilizer, including harsh chemicals such as TFA, Acetonitrile, HBr and others. These chemicals quickly attack the vacuum pump oil of unprotected vacuum pumps. CRVpro8 Chem is engineered to better combat the impact of such chemistries.

The oil filtration system uses and alumina element that neutralizes acids and removes solid reaction products from the oil. The system also has a large oil capacity of 1.3 liters that dilutes contaminants that mix with the pump oil during freeze drying runs.

The inside surface of the oil case has a PTFE coating and the outer surface of the pumping module has a black oxide coating.

The oil supplied for the pump is Welch Gold Oil (AF-0360-16) – a double distilled synthetic hydrocarbon oil designed for excellent chemical resistance. The synthetic base stock has no aromatic compounds or sulfur to accelerate varnishing, sludging and carbon build-up when pumps are used to pump corrosives.

The combination of oil filtration, internal surface protection, and synthetic hydrocarbon oil act to slow metal corrosion to extend pump’s service interval compared to unprotected pumps.

  • Holds up to harsh chemicals used in proteomics and combinatorial chemistry
  • System includes continuous acid neutralization and oil filtration
  • Internal surface protection
  • Synthetic hydrocarbon oil
Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
CRVpro8 Chem Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with Integral Filtration System, 115V, 60Hz, 1Ph, Welch
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  ✱ Chemistry Equipment and Hardware Product line
Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
AF-0349-C-10Replacement Alumina Element for Oil Sump (for AF-0349-C-08 CRVpro8 Chem)EACH
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AF-0360-16Oil, Vacuum Pump, Gold Oil, LiterEACH
  ✱ Chemistry Equipment and Hardware Product line
Free Air Displacement 
CFM@60Hz, (lpm)5.6 (158)
m³/hr@50Hz (lpm)8 (133)
Vacuum Pressure 
Total Ult. Vacuum Pressure, Torr (mbar)0.002 (0.003)
Total Ult. Vacuum Pressure with Gas Ballast, Torr (mbar)0.1 (0.13)
Sound Level, dBA (50Hz)50
Pump Speed, 60/50Hz1740/1450
Motor Power, kw 60/50Hz0.4/0.37
Pump Oil Capacity, Liters*1.0
Oil Filter Assembly, Liters*1.3
Total Oil Capacity (Pump + Filter), Liters*2.3
Intake/Exhaust FlangeNW16
Exhaust Filter Included*Yes
Tubing Needed, I.D. in. (mm)5/8-3/4 (16-19mm)
Ambient Temperature, °C10-40
Weight, lbs. (kg)61.6 (28)
Overall Dimensions*, L x W x H, in. (mm)18.2 x 11.1 x 9.2 (462 x 282 x 234)


1) Includes 4 liters of Welch Gold Vacuum Pump Oil (AF-0360-16) and oil filter change wrench.

2) Includes Exhaust filter with built-in coalesced oil drain back feature and inlet hose barb.

3) Dimensions listed are when handle and exhaust filter are removed.

4) Replacement alumina element for oil sump: AF-0349-C-10