This VARIO® chemistry pumping unit optimizes vacuum conditions automatically by precisely and continuously adjusting the diaphragm pump´s motor speed. Thanks to the motor speed control the pump operates only when vacuum is needed, saving energy and reducing maintenance. The integrated vacuum controller enables fully automatic evaporation at a push of a button. Low space requirements, light weight and low operational noise contribute further to this unit’s flexibility and popularity for laboratory use. The PC 3001 VARIOpro is ideal for vacuum applications with high boiling point solvents. The inlet separator, made of glass with a protective coating, prevents droplets and particles from entering the pump. The highly efficient insulated exhaust vapor condenser has a very compact design and provides near-100-percent recovery of solvents. This pumping unit is ideal for vacuum applications with high boiling solvents. The hysteresis-free vacuum control prevents superheating and foaming to protect valuable process samples. The controller enables automatic detection of vapor pressure and automatic adjustment of the vacuum level to the process requirements. The ´pro´ version with improved pumping speed extends the range of use. Evacuation of larger vessels and process steps with high vapor volumes can be completed more quickly. Programmed vacuum processes can be controlled by the integrated CVC 3000 controller or using the RS232C interface to your computer. The ´TE´ version of the PC 3001 VARIOpro uses a dry ice condenser to provide a cooling-water-free option for vapor capture if no cooling water connection is available or water conservation is critical. The PC 3001 VARIOpro with the Peltronic emission condenser works without any cooling media. For exceptionally large amounts of vapor - like from parallel evaporators without condenser - the PC 3001 VARIOpro +IK with its condenser on the vacuum side is an excellent choice.

  • Easily operated CVC 3000 vacuum controller with clear text menus and integrated venting valve
  • Automatic optimization of the vacuum level throughout the process for high process reproducibility and unattended operation, short process times due to zero-fluctuation (hysteresis-free) vacuum control - even for large amounts of vapor
  • Compact and powerful; excellent ultimate vacuum, even with continuous condensate purge
  • Whisper quiet and ultra-low vibration
  • Excellent environmental friendliness due to low power consumption and efficient solvent recovery
  • Ultimate vacuum: 2 mbar
  • Ultimate vacuum with gas ballast: 4 mbar
  • Max. pumping speed: 1.18cfm

Items supplied: Pumping unit completely mounted, ready for use, with manual.

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Vacuum Pump, PC 3001 VARIOpro, 33L/min, 1.5 Torr
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Max. pumping speed 60 Hz: 1.18 cfm    

Ultimate vacuum: 2 mbar / 1.5 torr         

Ultimate vacuum with gas ballast: 4 mbar / 3 torr            

Number of heads: 4       

Number of stages: 3      

Vacuum controller: CVC 3000    

Lower ambient temperature (operation): 10 °C

Upper ambient temperature (operation): 40 °C

Lower ambient temperature (storage): -10 °C    

Upper ambient temperature (storage): 60 °C     

Max. back pressure (abs.): 1.1 bar           

Inlet connection: Hose nozzle DN 6-10 mm         

Outlet connection: Hose nozzle DN 8-10 mm      

Coolant connection: 2 x hose nozzle DN 6-8 mm

Rated motor power: 0.16 kW    

Protection class IEC 60529: IP 20             

Dimension L in mm: 300 mm     

Dimension B in mm: 306 mm    

Dimension H in mm: 400 mm    

Weight: 7.7 kg  

Noise (sound pressure level) in dBA at 50 Hz or 1500 rpm/62% (VARIO)/1500 rpm (VARIO-SP)/12500 Upm (VACUU·PURE®): 42 dBA

NRTL certification: Yes