Main vacuum line with 4ea 24/40 inner ports (A) having a unique configuration of 0-4mm Chem-Vac Chem-Cap® valves. The valves are sealed to either the vacuum or inert gas side of the manifold and then bent to a 90º angle, forming a strong but very compact assembly. This configuration permits the line to be set up with the trap assembly on either the right or left side. Port spacing is 170mm center to center. The cleanout at the end of the vacuum line (B) has a #25 o-ring joint and is supplied complete with a cap style stopper. A valved gauging port is placed on the main vacuum line (C) and has a 18/9 ball joint.

The inert gas line has a port for connection to a bubbler or inert gas source (D) and has a 18/9 ball joint. A valved, cross-over line (E) is used for evacuation of the entire system. Both of the end cleanouts on the inert gas line (F) have a #9 o-ring joint and are supplied complete with a cap style stopper.

The manifold is connected to the dual trap assembly via a 35/20 ball joint with a 0-12mm Chem-Vac™ Chem-Cap® shutoff valve (G) to isolate the line from the traps. The pre-trap (H) is 50mm OD x 205mm in length and has two 35/20 socket joints to connect it to the manifold and main trap. Main trap assembly has two 0-12mm Chem-Vac™ Chem-Cap® valves (I) which permits the trap to be totally isolated from vacuum for cleaning. There is a valved gauging port (J) placed between the main and pre-trap having a 18/9 ball joint. Main trap (K) has a lower body 45mm OD x 210mm in length with a 40mm o-ring joint. Connection to vacuum source (L) is 22mm OD for use with heavy wall rubber vacuum tubing. PLEASE NOTE: CONNECTION TO VACUUM SOURCE CAN BE MODIFIED TO ALLOW CONNECTION OF AF-0460 DIFFUSION PUMP. PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.

Manifold complete with the dual trap assembly is 46" W x 23" H. Supplied complete with two #18 S.S. pinch clamps, three #35 S.S. pinch clamps, one #65 S.S. pinch clamps, two #112 Viton o-rings, and one #226 Viton o-ring.

Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
4-Port Vacuum Manifold, Right Handed Trap Assembly, Double Bank, Airfree, Schlenk, Complete
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Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
AF-0454-02Pre-Trap Only, Airfree, SchlenkEACH
CG-150-03Clamp, Pinch, Stainless Steel, #18 without Locking DeviceEACH
CG-150-06Clamp, Pinch, Stainless Steel, #35EACH
CG-150-09Clamp, Pinch, Stainless Steel, #65EACH
CG-305-112O-Ring, Viton, #112P12
CG-305-226O-Ring, Viton, #226P3
CG-961-010-4mm Chem-Vac™, Chem-Cap® Valve Replacement Plug and Control Knob, High VacuumEACH
CG-961-030-12mm Chem-Vac™, Chem-Cap® Valve Replacement Plug and Control Knob, High VacuumEACH
AF-0454-03Main Trap Bottle Only, Airfree, SchlenkEACH
AF-0454-05Cap Stopper, #9 O-Ring Joint, Airfree, SchlenkEACH
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AF-0454-04Stopper, Cap Style,#25 O-Ring JointEACH
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