The CG-4601 is a self contained vacuum level control unit for maintaining pressures between 1 and 760 Torr. It provides dependable digital control of your vacuum system with an innovative controller technology to make testing easier. It has a gas independent isolated stainless steel sensor and optional stainless steel piping to enable implementation in the most corrosive environments. The heart of the unit is a proportional valve that allows the controller to make precise changes in vacuum flow to achieve a very stable vacuum level. The unit also adds a bleed valve so level control can be achieved from using both the vacuum and the ambient pressure. The unit has full manual control available via a dial on the front panel, or can be controlled remotely via RS232. The display is an easy to read back lit LCD display with an intuitive readout of both the current vacuum level set point, current vacuum level, valve duty cycle and mode. It has been tested in both house vacuum and directly connected vacuum pump configuration to maintain both an absolute and differential vacuum level. This vacuum controller is in use for altitude simulation, pharmaceutical research and in manufacturing industries to control the vacuum level in evaporator flasks and vacuum vessels.

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Digital Vacuum Controller, DigiVac, Complete
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Range: 1-760
Units: Torr
Vac Interface: 3/8 inch I.D. Hose
Sensor: Isolated Transducer
Display: LCD Character
Dimensions: 2.75" High x 5.5" Wide x 7.5" Deep
Power: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz CE rated