The CVC 3000 detect is a ready to use two-set-point vacuum controller - available both as bench-top device and as a unit designed for attaching to a lab scaffold. It consists of the vacuum controller CVC 3000 with integrated ceramic vacuum sensor and venting valve that forms together with a non-return valve and the chemically resistant solenoid valve a very compact and easy to install unit for vacuum control. The electronic vacuum control increases the process efficiency and decisively improves the solvent recovery for existing vacuum sources like oil-free vacuum pumps or vacuum networks. In the “detect” mode the controller does approach and detect the boiling pressure and switches to the two-point vacuum control mode by itself. Manual settings are possible at any time during current operation. Many vacuum processes are carried out uncontrolled and thus often inefficient, and burdensome for environment and material. Controlled vacuum increases the solvent recovery rate with a rotary evaporator and so protects the environment. The vacuum pump is less loaded by the solvents, therefore the service intervals for valves and diaphragms are extended. The independent boiling point recognition also with solvent mixtures saves the user’s time and in addition avoids boiling retardation. With a CVC 3000 detect processes become reproducible which is particularly necessary in fields such as production and quality assurance.

  • Detect function for independent vapor pressure detection - time saving for other tasks
  • Compact unit with chemically resistant vacuum valve and common laboratory hose connections - immediately ready for use
  • The vacuum measuring is integrated within the valve block - direct connection of the CVC 3000 detect between pump and vacuum application
  • Integrated venting valve - simple pressure balance or ventilation with inert gas at the end of the process
  • Non-return valve - no interference of parallel applications at a common vacuum source

Items supplied: Vacuum controller CVC 3000 detect bench-top device, complete with vacuum solenoid valve, non-return valve, integrated ceramic diaphragm vacuum sensor and venting valve. With power supply, ready to use, with manual.

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Vacuum Controller, CVC 3000 Detect, Bench-Top Device
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Upper measuring limit in mbar/hPa: 1080 mbar

Upper measuring limit in torr: 810 torr 

Lower measuring limit in mbar/hPa: 0.1              

Lower measuring limit in torr: 0.1 torr  

Measurement principle: Ceramic diaphragm (alumina), capacitive, gas indep., absolute pressure

Accuracy of measurement: < +- 1 mbar/hPa/torr / +- 1 digit (after adjustment, constant temp.) mbar/hPa/torr    

Vacuum sensor: Integr. 

Temperature coefficient: < 0.07 mbar/hPa/0.05 torr /K mbar/hPa/torr /K              

Vacuum connection: Hose nozzle DN 6/10 mm  

Venting valve: Integrated, hose nozzle DN 4-5 mm           

Lower ambient temperature (storage): -10 °C    

Upper ambient temperature (storage): 60 °C     

Lower ambient temperature (operation): 10 °C

Upper ambient temperature (operation): 40 °C

Max. media temperature for continuous operation: 40 °C            

Max. media temperature short term: 80 °C         

Material of outer housing: Robust plastic housing with good chemical resistance

Protection class IEC 60529: IP 20             

Protection class UL50E: Type 1  

Protection class front side IEC 60529: IP 42         

Dimension L in mm: 181 mm     

Dimension B in mm: 162 mm    

Dimension H in mm: 174 mm    

Weight: 1.5 kg  

Max. current for VACUU BUS (24V DC): 4 A         

Cable length connection in m: 2 m          

Interface: RS 232C          

NRTL certification: Yes