Try TELLI™ (patent pending) to keep your lab safe from spills and overflow! TELLI is a "non-contact" liquid level measuring device, meaning there is no risk of cross-contamination or chemical exposure. It affixes to the outside of the chemical waste container. TELLI "talks" to the user, alerting everyone that the container is nearly full. TELLI is ideal for laboratory waste container spill prevention.

TELLI, the Talking Electronic Liquid Level Indicator, uses radio waves to tell when a vessel is nearing maximum capacity and alerts you to empty the container before dangerous spills occur. Powered by a USB cable, TELLI can use any USB power brick or computer port.

Features and Benefits:

· Easy to set up and maintain

· Prevents overflows

· UL tested for non-sparking

· Great for use on HPLC waste containers

· Works on glass and plastic containers

· Fits containers as small as 2L and as large as 40 gallon*

· Includes 8' USB cable (300V) - USB power means there is no battery to fail and cause a spill

*Any size adjustable band can be used with TELLI. To use on larger containers, contact us for options and suggestions.

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Liquid Level Indicator for Overflow Prevention, Talking/Electronic, TELLI
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· 2" diameter x 2.5" across

· 1.7 cm thick

· ABS plastic outer

· Fits maximum container circumference: 54.5" (17.35" diameter / approximately 30-40 gallon)*

· Fits minimum container circumference: 14.75" (4.7" diameter / approximately 2 Liter)

· Elastic band stretches up to 27" (relaxed) and 54.5" (stretched)

How to use:

1. This Talking Liquid Level indicator (TELLI®) is powered by a USB cable. Plug the cable into any compatible charging brick or powered computer port to power up the device.

2. To test the TELLI before its first use, press the ON/OFF switch once. Place the TELLI against an empty section of your waste container and check the indicator light. If the device is successfully connected and no liquid is detected, the LED light will be green.
Next move the TELLI down toward the liquid in the container, maintaining contact with the container surface. The indicator light will turn red and flash when it detects liquid, and the voice alert will be activated. TELLI has successfully detected the liquid in your container.
If TELLI does not successfully detect the liquid in your container, press the ON/OFF switch 6 times to reset and try again. If the indicator light is not on, the device is not receiving power. Try plugging it into a different USB charger and try again once the light is on.

3. Once TELLI passes the detection test, place the TELLI against your waste container and secure it with the adjustable elastic band. Choose a location near the top of the container, based on your fill rate (Example: for slow HPLC waste processes, you can place the TELLI higher on the vessel than for faster filling processes that require more time to react before overflow occurs.)

4. When the liquid level reaches the height of the TELLI, a voice will alert the user to empty the vessel.

5. TELLI will stop talking when it no longer detects liquid. Slide it up off the container or unplug it to shut off the alert. Replace it or power it back on once the container is empty again.