The CG-1171-A-50 is controlled by an internal computer so that exact infusion rates can be set. Front panel switches allow for a simple setup, thus avoiding complicated menus or charts. All the settings are shown on the LCD display. Built in computer allows independent, precision infusion rate control. Combined with the precision of a computer-controlled USB interface and API software. Includes all necessary pump drivers and a test program to verify proper USB installation and pump operation. The CD also includes files and information necessary to use the API (Windows dynamic load library type file) with Visual Basic, C, or MED-PC®.

Razel® API Software:

  • Controls up to 16 pumps.
  • Each pump reads its own ID from the switch settings on power up making it easy to change pumps without setting internal jumpers, swapping cables, or changing computer connections.

o   Commands include:

o   Simple On, Off, and Reverse commands send that data with the command once, the pump does not rest.

o   Pump starts and stops after an exact dose is delivered using the Dose command.

o   Two Ramp commands available allowing you to continue to run or stop the pump at the end of the ramp time.

o   Read Status command returns extensive diagnostic data including a high-resolution pump travel counter and a 20-millisecond timer counter.

o   Reset command clears the timer and travel counters.

o   Set Alarm command permanently sets Loud or Low volume and the limit switch alarm repeat rate.

  • Executes the Dose and Ramp commands using its own internal timing. The PC is not burdened with strict timing functions.
  • API error status indicates success, pump data out of range, or pump not connected eliminating trial and error checking when an error occurs.

PLEASE NOTE: Unit is supplied with a syringe clamp that will accommodate 5cc up to 50cc syringes. Adapters for micro syringes must be ordered separately.

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Syringe Pump Only, with USB Connection
  ✱ Chemistry Equipment and Hardware Product line
Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
CG-1171-A-51Micro Syringe Insert for CG-1171-A-50EACH
CG-1171-A-52Micro Syringe Adapter, 6-Place, for CG-1171-A-50EACH
  ✱ Chemistry Equipment and Hardware Product line
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Infusion Rate
0.145 to 430cc/hr with a 50cc syringe
0.095 to 282cc/hr with a 30cc syringe
0.071 to 210cc/hr with a 20cc syringe
0.040 to 117cc/hr with a 10cc syringe
0.025 to 75cc/hr with a 5cc syringe

Pressure Limits
Accurate flow up to:
5 psi or 259 mm/hg with a 50–60cc syringe
7 psi or 362 mm/hg with a 30–35cc syringe
10 psi or 517 mm/hg with a 20cc syringe
20 psi or 1034 mm/hg with a 10cc syringe

3 wire grounded plug
30 W @ 115 V 60 Hz
30 W @ 230 V 50 Hz
Less than 25 microamperes current leakage

Weight: 7.5lbs
Size: 6” H x 6” W x 10” L