The CO2 Incubator Shaker features Temperature, Shaking, CO2 Concentration, and Humidity controls. Its' stackable design helps maximize floor space, with the capability to stack up to three units high.

The optional Remote Monitoring accessory and app gives customers the ability to control their Incubator right from their phone or tablet via WIFI Connection. Features of the incubator app include the ability to set and change the incubator's parameters (including temperature and CO2 concentration). Text notification are sent when an alarm is activated. This unique app makes it possible to stay conveniently connected with incubator and ongoing projects, whether you are in the lab or not.

  • 7" High-Res Color Touch Screen with intuitive graphic interface. The display screen has an automatic lock screen with password protection function. This prevents any accidental or unauthorized alterations of the programmed operations or settings.
  • Innovative chamber design features smooth rounded internal corners for easy cleaning. Mirror finish, pharmaceutical grade stainless steel chamber. Capable of high-pressure water rinse. Both the platform and chamber feature an integrated draining system that is fast and efficient.
  • Infra-Red (IR) CO2 sensor for precise and reliable CO2 detection
  • Optional WIFI
  • The chamber is equipped with two sets of UV sterilization light components to enhance the germicidal irradiation effect and reach all areas of the chamber.
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Stackable design up to 3 units.
  • 50mm orbit
  • Highly efficient inverter compressor refrigeration allows for temperatures as low as 18°C below room temperature with low energy consumption (minimum temperature of 4°C)
  • Slide rail platform makes it easy to load and unload fixtures. Operators can easily pull the platform out to load or unload fixtures. Only one locking handle in the middle of the platform makes the process fast and convenient.
  • Combination of Proportional-Integral-Derivative control and Fuzzy control for temperature ensure temperature accuracy within ±0.1°C
  • Program mode allows user to set up to 12 segments of varying temperature and speed.
  • Slow Acceleration and Deceleration: Shaking function starts and stops slowly to prevent large shear forces on the bacteria or cells.

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AEOLUS Compact Incubator Shaker, 50mm Orbit, with CO2 Controller
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CLS-2459-03CO2 Inlet Filter, HEPAEACH
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Part NumberCLS-2540-001
DescriptionAEOLUS™ Compact Magnetic Drive CO2 Incubator Incubator Shaker
Platform Dimensions WxD550 x 470 mm (21.65 x 18.50 in)
Max Capacity Clamp capacity: 50mlx72 / 100mlx30 / 150mlx30 / 200mlx30 / 250mlx30 / 500mlx16 / 1000mlx12 / 2000mlx6 / 5000ml(Thomson)x4
Sticky Mat: 50mlx72 / 100mlx53 / 150mlx41 / 200mlx32 / 250mlx30 / 500mlx16 / 1000mlx12 /  5000ml(Thomson)x4
Capacity 190 L
Max Load10 kg (22.05 lb)
Temp. Range Room Temp. Minus 18°C~60°C (Lowest Temp is 4°C) 
Temp Accuracy  ±0.1 °C 
Temp. Uniformity  ± 0.3°C (@37°C)
Temp Recover Time After Door is Opened for 30s≤6min (@37°C) 
Speed 0(stop), 30~ 300 rpm 
Speed Accuracy  ±1rpm
Speed Drive MotorBeltless DC Brushless Motor
Orbit Diameter ∅50mm (∅2in)
CO2 Sensor Infrared
CO2 Control Range 0~20%
CO2 Control Accuracy ±0.1%
CO2 Recover Time After Door is Opened for 30s≤6min (@5%) 
Relative Humidity Type Active
Max Humidity 90%
Programmable Segments12 Segments
Timer 0~999h59min 
Illuminiation LED Lamps on Left and Right Walls
Disinfection UV Lamps on Left and Right Walls
Door Opening Direction Leftward 
Internal Dimensions WxDxH654 x 605 x 474 mm (25.75 x 23.82 x 18.66 in)
Outside Dimensions WxDxH970 x 780 x 530(+80 with feet) mm (38.19 x 30.71 x 20.87(+3.15 with feet) in)
Internal Working Height 300mm (11.8in) 
Net Weight 170 kg (375 lb)
Display 7" Color Capacitive Touch Screen 
Parameter ProtectionPassword Protected
Data StoredTime, Temperature, Speed, CO2 Concentration, Humidity, Instrument Status
Data Storage Interval1 Minute
Screen Data DisplayDisplays Most Recent 7 Days of Data
USB Data ExportMost Recent 912 Days of Data
Automatic Defrost Yes 
Noise Level ≤55dB (When Compressor is Running) 
Auto-Recovery after Power InteruptionYes 
Power when Heating≤450 W
Power when Cooling≤180W
Power supply AC 110V±11V, 60Hz
Power ≤630W
Mobile Monitoring and Control by WiFiOptional through IS-A64W Accessory and App
Warranty 2 Years Parts and Service 
Certification CE