CLS-2545 C02



The CO2 Incubator Shaker features Temperature, Shaking, CO2 Concentration, and Humidity controls. Its stackable design helps maximize floor space, with the capability to stack up to three units high.

High Resolution 7 -inch Color Touch Screen: presents instrument status and function values in a clear and concise manner.
Capacitive Touch Screen: The capacitive screen is more responsive and durable than a resistance screen as there is no reaction delay when the screen is pressed.
Large Capacity: The chamber can hold up to 6 x 5L Erlenmeyer shaker flasks.
Pull Out Rail Platform: Operators can easily pull the platform out to load or unload fixtures. Only one locking handle in the middle of the platform makes the process fast and convenient.
Excellent Temperature Control Performance: When the incubator is at a stable temperature of 37 °C, the uniformity is ± 0. 2 °C.
Strong Cooling Capacity: The incubator chamber can be cooled to 20°C below the ambient temperature (Lowest temp is 4 °C).
Inverter Compressor: Makes cooling a noiseless, durable, and highly efficient process while also saving energy.
Three Units Can Be Stacked: This product can be purchased as a single, double, or triple stack.
Bi-Directional Ultraviolet Sterilization: The chamber is equipped with two sets of UV sterilization light components to enhance the germicidal irradiation effect and reach all areas of the chamber.
Ultra-Quiet Design: The noise level is less than 55dB when incubator is running and cooling (loudest process), providing a quiet environment for the operator.
Slow Acceleration and Deceleration: Shaking function starts and stops slowly to prevent large shear forces on the bacteria or cells.
High Pressure Water Rinse: Both the platform and chamber feature an integrated draining system that is fast and efficient.
Efficient, Durable, and Light-Weight Insulation: Polyurethane foam insulation provides advanced thermal insulation. The material is also air-tight, waterproof, lightweight, shockproof, electrically insulated, heat resistant, cold resistant, and solvent resistant.

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Stackable Incubator Shaker, Single, with CO2 & Humidity Controller, Large Capacity
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Stackable Incubator Shaker, Double, with CO2 & Humidity Controller, Large Capacity
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Stackable Incubator Shaker, Triple, with CO2 & Humidity Controller, Large Capacity
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CLS-2545-MATSticky Mat, 11 x 11" (280 x 280mm), for Stackable Incubator ShakersEACH
CLS-2545-014Water Carboy, 15L, for Stackable Incubator ShakersEACH
CLS-2459-03CO2 Inlet Filter, HEPAEACH
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Platform Dimensions WxD900 x 550 mm (35.4 x 21.6 in)
Max CapacityClamp capacity: 25mLx134 / 50mLx134 / 100mLx60 / 150mLx60 / 200mLx60 / 250mLx60 / 500mLx32 / 1000mLx22 / 2000mLx15 / 3000mLx12 / 5000mL(Shaker Flask)x6
 Sticky Mat: 25mLx187 / 50mLx187 / 100mLx112 / 150mLx104 / 200mLx84 / 250mLx76 / 500mLx40 / 1000mLx28 / 2000mLx15 / 3000mLx12 / 5000mL(Shaker Flask)x6
Max Load20 kg (44.1 lb)
Temperature RangeRoom Temp. Minus 20°C~60°C (Lowest Temp is 4°C)
Temperature Accuracy±0.1°C (@37°C)
Temperature Uniformity± 0.2°C (@37°C)
Temperature Stability± 0.2°C (@37°C)
Temp Recover Time After Door is Opened for 30s≤6min (@37°C)
Speed0(stop), 30~300 RPM
Speed Accuracy±1 RPM
Orbit Diameter∅1 inch
CO2 SensorInfrared
CO2 Control Range0~20%
CO2 Control Accuracy±0.1%
CO2 Recover Time After Door is Opened for 30s≤6min (@5%)
Relative Humidity TypeActive
Max Humidity95%
Programmable Segments12 Segments
Timer0~999hr 59min
IlluminationLED Lamps on Left and Right Walls
DisinfectionUV Lamps on Left and Right Walls
Door Opening DirectionDown-Swing
Internal Dimensions WxDxH985 x 775 x 307.5 mm (38.78 x 30.51 x 12.10 in)
Outside Dimensions WxDxH1380 x 875 x 530(+80 with feet) mm (54.33 x 34.45 x 20.87(+3.15 with feet) in)
Net Weight195 kg (430 lb)
Display7″ Color Capacitive Touch Screen
Parameter ProtectionPassword Protected
Data StoredTime, Temperature, Speed, CO2 Concentration, Humidity, Instrument Status
Data Storage Interval1 Minute
Screen Data DisplayDisplays Most Recent 7 Days of Data
USB Data ExportMost Recent 912 Days of Data
Automatic DefrostYes
Noise Level≤55dB (When Compressor is Running)
Auto-Recovery after Power InterruptionYes
Power supplyAC 110V±11V, 60Hz
Power when Heating≤800W
Power when Cooling≤300W
Max Power≤1000W
Mobile Monitoring and Control by WiFiOptional through Accessory and App
Warranty2 Years Parts and Service