• Dual Function - simultaneously culture suspension cells on the built-in shaker and adherent cells on the stationary shelves
• Microprocessor PID control - controls time, temperature and shaker
• Exterior Control Panel - no need to open the door
• Brushless motor for stability as well as minimal vibration and noise
• Auto-stop - motion stops when door is opened
• Full Inner Glass Door - tempered observation door minimizes temperature variation when viewing
• Low Temperature Range
• Easy positioning of vessel rack - no bolts required
• One-Year Warranty

These shaking incubators are recommended for use in the cultivation of microbes, cells, and special tissues in different conditions with the same incubator. Temperature uniformity is maintained precisely by using natural convection. Inner glass door allows view of culture without opening the door. User can adjust RPM and time at his own demand. 1 year warranty.

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Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
Shaking Incubator, 6.3Cu Ft, Refrigerated, General Purpose
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Shaking Incubator, 8.12Cu Ft/230L, Refrigerated, General Purpose
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Model NumberCLS-2454-05CLS-2454-84
Temperature Range5 to 60°C5 to 60°C
Temperature Uniformity±0.1°C at 37°C±0.1°C at 37°C
Temperature Display Resolution±0.1°C±0.1°C
Chamber Volume179L / 6.3cu ft238L / 8.4cu ft
Shaking Speed30 - 300RPM30 - 300RPM
Shaking Accuracy0.1 RPM0.1 RPM
Shaking Increment1 Minute1 Minute
CoolingCompressor 1/8 HPCompressor 1/4 HP
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H)21.65 x 26 x 49.2in (56 x 66 x 125cm)23 x 29 x 53in (58.5 x 74 x 13.4cm)
Interior Dimensions (W x D x H)18.6 x 15.74 x 27.95in (47.3 x 40 x 71cm)20.5 x 20.5 x 33.5in (52 x 52 x 85cm)
Weight (lbs)225340
Number of Shelves1 Platform + 2 Shelves1 Platform + 2 Shelves