Bioreactor Parts

Bioreactor Replacement Parts for Applikon Biotechnology® and Broadley-James® Brand Reactors

Chemglass Life Sciences is pleased to announce the availability of like-for-like, replacement components for the popular 2, 3, 5, 7 and 15 liter sizes of Applikon and Broadley-James stirred tank bioreactors.

All of our stainless steel components are manufactured from 316L stainless with an electropolished surface finish of 20Ra or better. Used primarily for mammalian cell culture, our marine style impeller blades come in vortexing (down) and scoping (up) configurations. Rushton style impeller blades are also available and used most often for bacterial / microbial cell culture.

Our autoclavable borosilicate glass reactor vessels are available jacketed and unjacketed. They are made from heavy-wall tubing and include permanent graduations.

The balance of our high-quality, bioreactor components line includes aeration tubes, agitator assemblies, stirrer motors, baffles, stands, headplates, adapters, condensers, thermowells, harvest tubes, sampling tubes, heat exchangers, spargers, stoppers and o-rings.

We have even assembled a convenient, single-use bioreactor accessory kit as well as an economical, aseptic bioreactor sampler that eliminates chances of contamination.

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Bioreactor Replacement Parts

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