CG-1969-M Benchtop


The Chemglass manifold system allows for easy and safe connection of your circulator to our glass benchtop reactors. Manifold provides a convenient way to monitor jacket temperature and pressure. Triple Insulated Flexible Hose for connecting manifold to circulator and reactor are sold separately. Manifold assembly mounts into our CG-9253 Kwik Klamp II or CG-9252 clamps. To allow flexibility for different reactor configurations the inlet and outlet must be installed by the end user, the list below shows the list of connections supplied. Thread sealant is supplied with manifold block to ensure leak free assembly. PLEASE NOTE: TEMPERATURE LIMITATIONS ON MANIFOLD IS -60 TO 200°C.

• Designed For Connection To Reactor Outlet
• Mounts To Benchtop Support Frame Or Lattice System
• 2-1/2” Pressure Gauge, 0-15 PSI
• Pressure Relief Valve Preset And Safety Sealed To 10 PSI
• Built In “T” Type Temperature Probe Useful For Delta T Calculations

Inlet/Outlet Manifold Connections Supplied:
2ea Brass Hose Barbs For 3/8” ID Tubing
2ea Brass Hose Barbs For 5/16” ID Tubing
2ea S.S. M16 x 1 Male to 3/8” NPT Male Adapter
1ea S.S. M16 x 1 Female to 3/8” NPT Male Adapter

Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
Manifold System, Benchtop, 300mL-5L Reactor Capacity, M16 Circulator Size End Fitting, -60 to 200°C Temperature Range
  ✱ Non Glassware Product Line
Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
CG-9253-10Small Universal Kwik Klamp IIEACH
CG-9252-01Clamp Holder, Heavy Duty, LargeEACH
  ✱ Chemistry Equipment and Hardware Product line
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