The FreezeCell™ can be used with a variety of cell types, including stem cells, primary cells, cell lines and yeast. The FreezeCell™ doesn’t require any additives, all you need to do is place the FreezeCell™ into an ultra-low freezer, the Freezecell will cool at a controlled cooling rate at -1⁰C per minute in a -80℃ freezer - without alcohol or any fluids.  Freezecell if a very good option for all protocols of cell preservation. This product is symmetrically designed with a combination of foam and alloys with no additives or emission characteristics. These products are environmentally friendly. No Need to replace any parts, and will serve you for years.

The FreezeCell™ is easy to use, just insert your samples, and place in an ultra-low freezer and you’re done. The FreezeCell™ greatly improves sample handling and efficiency. It promotes a greater survival rate of cells after thawing and helps to keep samples safe and worry-free.

Product Features:

• No need to add any liquid or pre-cooling, simply put your samples directly into the FreezeCell™, and keep all your samples in a -80℃ low temperature environment.

• Easy open lid, and you can hold the FreezeCell™ directly from the -80℃ freezer without any concern of frostbite to your fingers.

• Transfer the samples conveniently, you can remove the whole box or an individual sample at any time.

• No maintenance costs, no need to replace anything. Once you purchase the FreezeCell™, it will serve you for years to come.

• Reuse the FreezeCell™ over and over, 5-minute turnaround time.

• The FreezeCell™ foot print is minimal, and won’t use up a lot of freezer space.

• Cooling rate consistency is very good, freeze an individual experiment, or a full load. The cooling rate on each sample is the same every time.


Simply put the samples to be frozen into FreezeCell™, and apply the lid. The FreezeCell™ must be placed in a -80℃ environment for at least 3 hours, do not open during the cooling period. After the cooling process is complete, the sample can be removed and transferred to a liquid nitrogen tank for long term storage.

If you need to reuse the FreezeCell™ quickly, simply open the lid and remove the tray, let them both return to room temperature, then you are ready to use again.

Caution: If the FreezeCell™ has water on its surface (inside or outside the box) and it is placed in -80°C freezer, the water on its surface will freeze the surfaces together. Opening a box frozen in this way may damage the FreezeCell™. Always use the FreezeCell™ in a dry environment. Wipe any water or liquids from the surface before placing it in the freezer.

Tubes/Vials must be purchased separately.

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FreezeCell, Hexagon Shape, Holds (12) 1.0-2.0mL Cryogenic Vials or 1.5-2.0mL Centrifuge Tubes
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Hexagon Shape FreezeCell™ Dimensions: (S x H) S108 x 100 mm (S: Side Length); 120g