• Detachable Electrophoresis Gel Tank and Base Unit
• Compatible with Gel Trays 15 x 15cm or Smaller
• Comes with Gel Trays; 15 x 7cm, 15 x 10cm, and 15 x 15cm
• Entire ME15 Gel Tank can be Fitted Perfectly on top of Viewing Platform
• Gel Tank or UV Tray can Directly be Placed on the Viewing Platform for Gel Observation
• Suitable for SYBR Green I/II, SYBR Gold, Safe View and Midori Green Dyes
• Save Time with Immediate Visualization of DNA/RNA Band Migration
• Blue Light LEDs Do Not Require UV Safety Equipment
• Output Voltage: 10-150V/1V
• Output Current: 10-300mA/ 1mA
• Max. Power: 30 Watts
• Timer: 1-999 Minutes with Alarm, Continuous
• Safety Device: No Load Detection
• Blue Light Wavelength: 470nm
• LED Life: 9000 Hours
• Dimensions: 293mm W x 200mm L x 80mm H
• Polycarbonate Housing and Aluminum Base Plate for Illuminator, Acrylic for Tank
• Durable and Leak-Proof

Electrophoresis system equipped with blue light LEDs to allow for immediate visualization of DNA/RNA bands while running agarose gels. The unit comes complete with three gel trays, combs, and gel casting dams. The power supply is built in. This safe system is safe, unique, and powerful. Gel box can be easily removed from base illuminator. The box can only be placed one way onto the base to avoid running the power incorrectly.

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Electrophoresis System, Complete
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