Velp/Chemglass Wi-Fi Enabled Laboratory overhead stirrer motor controller. Controller features a TFT 3.5” Display that shows all setting information at a glance. Wi-Fi Connection to Velp Ermes Platform allows the end user monitor status and data logging on the cloud. USB interface for use with optional PC software to data log, monitor, turn off/on. USB also allow Software Updates. Display shows set and actual speed, torque trend and timer.

UPGRADE YOUR CONTROLLER: Users with a CG-2033-B-50 controller can upgrade to the CG-2033-V controller for use with their existing CG-2033-B-25 series 1/4 HP motor

CG-2033-V Digital Motor Controller Chemglass / Velp 115v/230v

• TFT 3.5” Display for All Setting Information at a Glance 
• Wi-Fi Connection to Velp Ermes Platform to monitor status and data logging on the cloud 
• Timer For Unattended Operations 
• Real Time Torque and Speed Graph Monitoring 
• Intuitive Knob To Navigate The Menu And Start Stop Operations 
• Compatible with CG-2033-B Series motors- 1/4 HP and 1/11 HP Brushless Motors 
• USB interface for use with PC software to data log, monitor, Turn off/ Turn on. USB also allow Software Updates 
• Key Lock Function to Avoid Unintended Changes with Settings 
• Programmable methods to setup to 4 Time/Speed Ramps 
• PT100 Probe Connection for Temperature Monitoring: Measurement Range -200 to +550° C
• Easy CW/CCW Direction Changes
• Precise Digital Closed Loop Speed Control: +/- 1 RPM
• 1 Year Warranty

CG-2033-V Digital controllers have been designed and manufactured in compliance with the following standards CE, CSA and UL. 

Please Note: Controller and Motor are purchased separately

NEMKO mark

Nemko mark indicates compliance with the following standards CSA and UL.

Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
Digital Controller Only, for Brushless DC Motor, Closed Loop Controls, TFT Display, Wifi, 115V-230V
  ✱ Non Glassware Product Line
Item NumberItem DescriptionPQPriceQty AvailQuantity
CG-2033-B-25Brushless DC Motor Only, 1/4HP, 24V, 3/4” Shaft dia., 30-500 RPM, 25in-lbEACH
CG-2033-B-11Brushless DC Motor Only, 1/11 HP, 24V, 35-417 RPM, 10in-lb, w/Adapter Plate, Holding Rod and Keyless ChuckEACH
  ✱ Non Glassware Product Line