Safety is paramount when working with glass vessels that see pressure. Hydrophobic vent filters can become blocked due to moisture from the vessel contents. This results in a higher than normal back pressure and an increased chance for the vessel or other system components to fail.

The Chemglass pressure relief valve should be used in situations where the glass vessel could see pressure. The valve is a one-way or non-return device to let gas flow in one direction above a fixed pressure level. It is attached by silicone or comparable tubing to one of vessels head plate ports. If the pressure inside the vessel reaches 3 psig, the valve will open and then close when the pressure falls below 3 psig. The valve is made from FDA/USDA materials and is ultrasonically welded for leak-free service. Te housing cannot be opened nor can the pressure setting be adjusted. The valve is fully autoclavable and can be reused or disposed of depending on the user requirements. The device can also be used as a check valve in applications to prevent gases or liquids from back flowing.

Cracking Pressure: 3 psig
Connections: 1/4” to 1/4” OD Hose Barb
Dimensions: 1.8” OAL, .75” Body Diameter
Temperature Range: 0 to 250°F
Materials of Construction: Polypropylene, 316 SS and DuraGrip®
Pressure Limits: Full Vacuum to 100 psig

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Pressure Relief/Check Valve, Disposable
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