• The internal electronic parts are protected by the insulating disk to resist even to the most challenging environments and applications.
  • Hot Surface safety message displayed when the temperature is above 50 °C.
  • The 135 mm diameter top is protected from chemicals and scratches by the superior resistant CerAlTop™ ceramic coating.


  • Ideal for temperature sensitive applications in many industrial and academic laboratories.
  • Precise thermoregulation of the medium with Pt100/Pt1000 probe (± 1.0 °C) and VTF Digital Thermoregulator (± 0.5 °C).
  • Thermoregulation range from room temperature up to 310 °C.


  • Brushless motor ensuring power and resistance over time.
  • Stirs up to 20 l from 50 to 1500 rpm.
  • SpeedServo™ counter reaction technology maintains the speed constant as viscosity changes.

Precise thermoregulation for a high reproducibility. The AREX 5 Digital is the perfect solution for temperature-sensitive laboratory applications where precise and accurate thermoregulation of the sample is required to ensure maximum reproducibility. The AREX 5 Digital can be connected to external probes Pt100 and Pt1000 or to the VTF for precise temperature control of the medium. The CerAlTop™ plate reaches a maximum temperature of 310°C; when connected with the temperature probe (Pt100 and Pt1000) the AREX 5 Digital can heat up the medium up to 310°C with an accuracy of ± 1.0 °C while with the VTF the AREX 5 Digital is able to heat up the medium up to 300°C with an accuracy of ± 0.5 °C. When the hotplate stirrer is connected to a temperature probe, it is possible to choose 2 different thermoregulation modes to match all requirements:

FAST: the Hot Plate Stirrer quickly reaches the set point temperature with a little overshoot

FINE: slower temperature set point reaching with an optimized overshoot

Powerful stirring for all lab applications. You can rely on the powerful brushless motor of the AREX 5 Digital for all your laboratory reactions as it stirs volumes up to 20 L (H2O).  Speed setting is precise ranging from 50 to 1500 rpm making the AREX 5 Digital suitable for both low and high-speed applications. The AREX 5 Digital is equipped with VELP-engineered SpeedServo™ torque compensation technology that ensures constant speed even when the viscosity of the medium changes. The strong magnetic coupling supports reactions with multiple vials ensuring constant speed in all positions.

A Safe Hotplate Stirrer Designed to Last. The AREX 5 Digital hotplate stirrer ensures a high level of safety and protection for laboratory operators. The internal electronic parts are protected by the insulating disk, which, together with the robust die-cast aluminum housing, enables the AREX 5 Digital to withstand even the most demanding laboratory environments and applications, such as when working with cold media (below 0°C). The 135 mm diameter top is protected from chemicals and scratches by the superior resistant CerAlTop™ ceramic coating. Various safety functions protect users in their daily operations, such as safety circuits, over-temperature protection and probe detection alarm. It is also possible to limit the maximum operating temperature to meet the highest safety needs. A security message "Hot" is displayed when the temperature of the plate is above 50°C and the heating function is not active. The AREX 5 Digital is designed for the most extended lifespan (IP 42 protection) and guaranteed by a 3-year warranty. Note: Hot plates have been designed and manufactured in compliance with the following standards CE, CSA, and UL.

A smart user interface for incredible ease of use. Thanks to the extremely bright and easy-to-read digital display you can constantly monitor the temperature and the stirring speed and set them with the highest precision. The inclination of the front panel has been carefully designed to optimize the user experience for all the lab users and to clearly read the values shown on the digital displays. To set the temperature and stirring speed it is required to turn and push the knobs for maximum safety. The hot plate magnetic stirrer AREX 5 Digital offers a highly compact and low-profile design for outstanding comfort over the bench and inside the laboratory hood.

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AREX 5 Stirring Hot Plate, Digital, 135mm CerAlTop Plate, 115V, 60 Hz, VELP
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CG-1995-V-20Digital Thermoregulator ONLY, with Built In TimerEACH
CG-1995-V-22Vertical Support Rod OnlyEACH
CG-1995-V-25Boss HeadEACH
CG-1995-V-27Support/Holding Rod PT SensorEACH
CG-1994-V-25PT100 Probe/Sensor Only, 3mm Dia.EACH
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User InterfaceDigital
Plate MaterialCerAlTop™ (ceramic coated aluminum alloy)
Stirring Volume20L
Speed ControlDigital
Torque CompensationSpeedServo™
Heating ControlDigital
Thermoregulation Accuracy± 0.5 °C (VTF) / ± 1.0 °C (Pt100, Pt1000)
Protection ClassIP 42
Housing MaterialEpoxy painted aluminum structure
Plate Diameter135mm
Stirring Speed Range50 - 1500 rpm
Temperature RangeRoom temp - 310°C
External Temperature Sensor ConnectionPt100, Pt1000, VTF
Hot Plate Warning SystemOn Display (when the temperature is above 50°C)
Power Input630W
Dimensions (WxHxD)160 x 85 x 270mm (6.3 x 3.3 x 10.6in)