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High efficiency air condenser is a waterless glass condenser that requires no cooling water for operation. The glass bellows design provides a high surface area air condenser which is very effective.

  • Performance of the high efficiency air condenser is equivalent to a Liebig type condenser being used with tap water.
  • No risks of water leakage, and potential flooding
  • By not using water the environmental impact is reduced as is the costs of water usage.
  • Clear visibility of the reaction reflux
  • Suitable for use under vacuum
  • High efficiency air condenser is considerably less expensive than other waterless condenser options
  • For solvent volumes from 5ml up to 1 liter
  • Helps meet sustainable water reduction targets

Water-free design: No chiller/circulator needed, Eliminate waste water, No risk of flooding the hood, and No fear of water issues affecting the reflux/reaction due the condenser having reduced water flow or no flow of water.

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Item Number Item Description PQ Price Qty Avail Quantity
High Efficiency Air Condenser, 200mm, 14/20 Outer and Inner Joints
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High Efficiency Air Condenser, 200mm, 24/40 Outer and Inner Joints
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High Efficiency Air Condenser, 350mm, 24/40 Outer and Inner Joints
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High Efficiency Air Condenser, 450mm, 24/40 Outer and Inner Joints
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Solvent DCM Acetone THF Ethanol Acetonitrile Water* Toluene
bp [°C] 40 56 66 78 82 100 110
oil bath [°C] 50 71 78 100 100 120 125
difference [°C] 10 15 12 22 18 20 15
time [hours] 4 6 5 5 5 4 5
%-loss (total)** -0.80% -1.30% -1.40% -0.50% -0.90% -1.60% -0.90%
%-loss per hour -0.20% -0.20% -0.30% -0.10% -0.20% -0.40% -0.20%
Results were based on 350mm CG-1218-H Air Condenser, a CG-1506 250ml round bottom flask with 150ml of solvent.