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Velp Wifi enabled 135mm round top DIGITAL hot plate stirrer system with built in timer. Hotplates feature many exclusive features and improved safety enhancements. The 135mm diameter heater top is scratch proof and chemically resistant. The integrated TIMER provides an additional layer of safety ensuring the hotplate heater is "off" after the elapsed time (settable from 1min to 99h: 59min). TRU-RPM stirring provides very accurate mixing speeds through the entire RPM range from 30 to 1700 rpm. The back corner of the housing has an M8 female thread to accept a vertical support rod. The updated interface, with easy to read, illuminated icons, create a very user-friendly experience. New and improved knobs and buttons assure simple and intuitive control of the hotplate stirrer. Note: Hot plates have been designed and manufactured in compliance with the following standards CE, CSA and UL. Three-year warranty.

Cloud-Enabled Hot Plate Stirrer

FREE 3 MONTHS of Ermes Cloud Platform when you enable software by the end of 2020!

• Safe and effortless connection to the cloud via WiFi
• Real time monitoring notification via VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
• Immediate Software Updates (OTA)
• Access to your data via PC, smartphone and tablet
• Create and share reports, track trends, gain insights
• Stop your reaction remotely ... for maximum safety in your lab

Velp Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Designed for Reliability and Safety

Laser-Verified, Affordable Accuracy Plus Exclusive Features Only Found in Higher Priced Plates!

• High Contrast, Bright White LED
• Powerful Magnet: Industry leading magnetic strength
• Heating Performance: Fast Precise Heating / Regulation up to 370C
• Heat Control Modes: Fine and Fast
• CerAlTop™ Aluminum Alloy and Ceramic Coating, 135 mm Diameter
• Safety: Overheating Protection and Adjustable Safety Temperature Circuit
• Torque Compensation: Maintains Set RPM Based on Changes in Viscosity
• TRU-RPM Stirring: Extremely Accurate RPM 30-1700
• Timer: 1min to 99h:59min
• Service Life Meter: Great for Tracking Service Intervals or Service Lifetime
• Precision Temperature Control
• Auto reverse of the stirring direction to ensure better mixing
• Illuminated Icons: Heat, Probe, Set Point, Timer and Auto Reverse

Enhanced Safety Features:

• Probe Alarm Shutdown: When probe is connected, if the probe is not submersed or inserted in the sample
• Loss of Electric or Power Failure: Hot plate Returns to OFF setting for both stirring and heating
• Dedicated safety sensor integrated into the hotplate
• Separate Programmable Maximum Safety Temperature
• "Hot" Warning flashes on display while hotplate surface is cooling to below 50°C

Note: Additional Information on Ermes Cloud Platform Located Under the Specifications Tab


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AREX-6 CONN.PRO System+Probe 115V/60Hz, Cloud-Enabled Hot Plate Stirrer with Timer
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AREX-6 CONN.PRO AREX-6 with probe, with Vertical Support Rod, Boss Head, and Support/Holding Rod, 115V/60hz Cloud-Enabled Hot Plate Stirrer with Timer
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CG-1997-W-601 VELP Ermes 1 Year Connection EACH
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CG-1997-W-603 VELP Ermes 3 Year Connection EACH
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CG-1994-V-25 PT100 Probe/Sensor Only, 3mm Dia. EACH
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CG-1995-V-70 Protective Silicone Cover for AREX 6 (CG-1996-V10, CG-1997-V-10 & CG-1997-W-10) Hotplates EACH
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  Reusable Glass/Plastics