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 Performance Plus
• Powerful stirring
• Soft start
• Accurate speed control
• Torque compensation
• Quiet operation

Easy Chuck - No Tools Needed
• Shafts up to 10mm diameter

Safety Protection
• Overload
• Over current
• Over temperature

 The bright, digital display of this top performing stirrer motor keeps you fully informed, providing easy-to-read details of four important parameters: set speed, actual speed, torque and time. Operating time can be set up to 999 minutes and 59 seconds. After the end of the set time, stirring stops automatically.

Suitable for all medium to high-viscosity mixing tasks this overhead stirrer motor boasts a maximum viscosity of 50,000 mPa/centipoise. The speed is continuously adjustable from 50 to 2000 rpms with a maximum volume of 40 liters of water. Torque compensation ensures that exact speed under changing load is ensured. The soft start characteristic prevents splashes and the creation of bubbles.

Safety and durability are optimized in every detail by the design and materials selected for manufacture. The technopolymer case is light-weight, chemical-resistant and rustproof. It’s also sealed to prevent internal corrosion and penetration by aggressive liquids and harmful vapors. Internally, aluminum components support a robust electric stirrer motor built to provide years of reliable service without additional costs for maintenance. Safety is built-in with overload, over current and over temperature protection.

The chuck of this stirrer motor is super easy to close and accommodates up to 10mm diameter stirring shafts. And of course, no tools are required! Overall, this overhead stirrer motor is easy to handle and set up, requiring minimal space on your laboratory benchtop.

25 Month Warranty. 


Nemko marks indicates compliance with CE, CSA and UL standards

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Digital Overhead Stirrer with Timer, 115V
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H20 Stirring Capacity Liters 40
Viscosity Limit mPa/CPS 50,000
Speed Range RPM 50-2,000
Timer Minutes Yes
Chuck Range mm 1 to 10
Max. Peak Torque Ncm 80
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 82 x 230 x 206
Power Supply Volts 110-230