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Distillation Kits

Reactor Distillation Kits

Side Shelf and Cart Kits for 10, 20, 30 and 50 Liter Chemglass Reactors

  • Provide easy conversion of standard process reactors to complete distillation systems

  • High efficiency, borosilicate glass condensers

  • 5, 10 and 20 liter receiving flasks

  • Kits can be customized to your specifications

  • Purchase reactors separately

Distillation kits are the sure and easy way to convert your Chemglass process reactors to distillation systems. They're great for those who need complete, off-the-shelf systems that are quick to assemble, operate and maintain. Kits are available in two configurations, vertical and diagonal. Vertical kits include shelves and single receiving vessels for direct attachment to your existing Chemglass reactor framework. Diagonal distillation kits include separate, wheeled carts with racks for two recovery flasks.

All framework components are stainless steel or PTFE-coated aluminum for corrosion-resistance.

Unless otherwise noted, all of our glass components are manufactured exclusively from Type I, Class A borosilicate glass meeting ASTM Specification E438. This glass type is used because of its exceptional chemical and heat resistance.

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Reactor Distillation Kits (Reactors Not Included)

Vertical Distilation Kits


Diagonal Distilation Kits

30L & 50L CART KIT