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RxnHub Infinity controller made for Chemglass by J-Kem® is a simple solution for automating reactors. Controller/Software automates the reaction process by controlling reagent addition, temperature control, stirring, data collection and other required parameters through one interface.

The RxnHub controller concept is to create custom instruments in software, similar to LabView®, but with two significant advantages:
Better Hardware – Ultra­high resolution inputs, serial and digital interface components needed for laboratory and process control.
Better Software – Written in VB.net and designed specifically for your application. Using dot.net language removes many programing limitations and J‐Kem® also releases the original source code. Software can output to a read only encrypted Excel file that is CFR21 part 11 compliant.

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 Items PQ = Package Quantity, DPrice = Discounted Price 
Item Number Item Description PQ Price
CG-16005-10 Standard RxnHub Controller with Kem-RxC Software Standard Reaction Controller EACH *$3,940.00
CG-16005-12 RxnHub Controller with SINGLE Position Syringe Pump, Kem-RxC Software Standard Reaction Controller EACH *$5,940.00
CG-16005-14 RxnHub Controller with DUAL Position Syringe Pump, Kem-RxC Software Standard Reaction Controller EACH *$7,960.00
CG-16005-16 PC Controller with Pre-Loaded Kem-RxC Software EACH *$390.00
CG-16005-18 Digital Vacuum/Pressure Monitor EACH *$720.00
CG-16005-20 Digital Temperature Controller EACH *$720.00
CG-16005-50 Kem-RxC Software License EACH *$2,000.00
CG-16005-55 Kem-RxC Notebook and Software License* (*REQUIRED) EACH *$2,390.00
  * Not Subject To Discount
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