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Patented low form foam dewars provide a safe and durable vessel for handling liquid nitrogen, dry ice/acetone mix and cryogenic materials. Unlike conventional glass and stainless steel Dewar flasks which depend upon a vacuum layer for insulation, closed cell foam dewars use a fine closed cell foam for insulation. This foam material is chemically inert and mechanically durable enough to be exposed directly to liquid nitrogen, without leaking or degrading. Unique design makes the foam dewar easier to handle and safer to use than a traditional low profile glass Dewar. The lower thermal mass of the foam dewar will cause less liquid nitrogen boil off when it is filled. It also will accumulate less frost during regular use. The end result is that less liquid nitrogen is consumed.

Lab Armor Temp Chart with Foam Dewar

Custom Sizes Available, Please Contact Us for Details.

Tall Form Foam Dewar Flasks

 Items PQ = Package Quantity, DPrice = Discounted Price 
Item Number Item Description PQ Price
CG-1590-F500 Foam Dewar Flask, 500mL, Low Form,
Interior Dimensions: Depth x Dia. (mm): 70 x 114
EACH *$93.00
CG-1590-F800 Foam Dewar Flask, 800mL, Low Form,
Interior Dimensions: Depth x Dia. (mm): 70 x 147
EACH *$108.15
CG-1590-F1400 Foam Dewar Flask, 1,400mL, Low Form,
Interior Dimensions: Depth x Dia. (mm): 95 x 160
EACH *$170.30
CG-1590-F100 Optional Freezer Packs,
for Use with Lab Armor in 800 or 1400mL Low Form Foam Dewar Flasks
P4 *$30.35
  * Not Subject To Discount
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